Where Ythan Meets the Sea

  • Forvie National Nature Reserve, Scotland
  • Written By Keilidh Ewan

Over the last few months I've found myself drawn to our local coastline more and more. And one of my favourite locations, which I spoke about in my last article, has had me coming back time and time again. 

Along the scenic Aberdeenshire coastline is where a natural treasure can be found, following the River Ythan into the North Sea. On Forvie National Nature Reserve, a permanent year round Grey Seal haul-out zone can be seen from Newburgh Beach; allowing the public to enjoy nature at its finest from a mindful and respectful distance. Surrounded by Forvie Sands, one of the largest sand dune systems in Britain, this is home to a spectacular variety of wildlife.

I cannot express how much I enjoyed filming this little sequence over the last few months. It's given me a fantastic excuse to return to sit in silence and take in the sights, the sounds and the fresh sea breeze. 



For further information on Forvie NNR, visit the Scottish Natural Heritage Website. Always make sure you are viewing wildlife from a safe and respectful distance, as recommended by SNH staying clear of any protected areas. Information notices can be found on site for reference. Finally the Ythan Seal Watch Facebook Page is a great resource for information on best practices and times for visiting. 

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