The Orchard Skirt

  • Anthropologie
  • Written By Keilidh Ewan

Something a little bit different from me. Most of my photographs in the past have been used for commercial purposes, promoting a business or a brand. Sometimes they have been used as artwork to hang on the wall or as a digital keepsake. I’m now proud to say that one of my images has been used in the design of an item of clothing. 

When I was approached by Anthropologie a few months back, I couldn’t quite believe it. The concept of having one of my images transformed into fabric form didn’t quite seem real. Now here we are, in summer 2019, with the newly launched ‘Orchard Skirt’, designed with a repeat pattern of one of my photographs - and it is very much a reality.

Seeing the finished product come together has been a fantastic journey, and an exciting one indeed. It just goes to show how versatile a photograph can really be; capturing an image is just the beginning. 



Anthropologie’s Summer Orchard Skirt is now available for purchase worldwide throughout Summer 2019 more information about the Skirt can be found online here.

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